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Thông tin chi tiết về nhà tuyển dụng

Thông tin nhà tuyển dụng

Panasonic Industrial Devices Vietnam Co., Ltd
Dong Anh - Hà Nội

Vui lòng ĐĂNG NHẬP hoặc ĐĂNG KÝ TÀI KHOẢN THÀNH VIÊN để có thể xem thông tin LIÊN HỆ chi tiết của nhà tuyển dụng này!

Quy mô công ty (Số nhân viên): 1.000-4.999

Mô tả chi tiết về công ty:

Panasonic Industrial Devices Viet Nam (abbreviation is PIDVN) is 100% Japanese investment capital which was set up in April 2006, specialized in Industrial devices. With the initial capital investment of up to USD 43 million and 466 employees since first establishment, until now, PIDVN has been much more outstandingly developing in both quantities and quality of products with the total employees now is around 3400 people, working at one big EMC division: ACD manufacturing (including: HFC Manufacturing and Speaker Manufacturing), Industrial mechanical component (EMC) Manufacturing. With the policy “Customer first, quality first” and the eco production, PIDVN applies the most modern technologies and tries our best to provide our customers with the utmost satisfaction & quality with the defect is “Zero”.
With the motto “Finish people before making products”, we built the policy “The basic of management is people”, with the special PIDVN ’s culture where:
- Each of employees is well-disciplined and willing to tackle with their own missions faithfully.
- Employees are keen on enhancing their own skill and knowledge, and transfer them to senior staffs.
- To establish globally-minded culture through mutual understanding between Vietnam and Japan.
Therefore, employees can find in PIDVN:
- International work environment is stable, professional and friendly where all employees can develop personal skills, communication skills of foreign languages (English and Japanese) and to receive new knowledge from experienced staff.
- The training system (training and orientation programs, courses in English and Japanese, the training program at home and abroad, etc).
- Opportunities creative pleasure.
- Opportunity to exchange experience with companies in Asia.
PIDVN is now expanding its scale and seeking for talent candidates for the below position with special offer:
- Each successful candidate will be provided with an ATTRACTIVE SALARY PACKAGE, get promotion and bonus twice per year.
- Two - month probation with 100% salary and be entitled to contribute insurances (Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance) from joining.
- Be entitled to have company bus pick up from Hanoi to the company etc.


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